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  NeoLoad customers testimonials


"We are using NeoLoad in our Solutions team specifically for load testing websites on our new and current customers. The support that we have received from you guys has really been very good, quick responses and always willing to help (I just hope it stays this way).
It took us quite a while to find the right load testing software that would work for us, NeoLoad fits the bill perfectly."

Jacques Greyling - Director of Operations UK - RackSpace Managed Hosting,


"When putting in production our intranet application, we had several challenges. The deployment architecture of this application was new for us, the potential load was high.

We choose NeoLoad for load testing, it was the perfect product: powerful, and easy to use. We have done our tests quickly, without training.
NeoLoad allowed us to simulate hundreds of users on our application. The tests showed several configuration problems on the production platform before the deployment. Without these tests, we surely had several problems with our application in production. We would have been forced to stop the server, make the configuration changes, revalidate all the application, and put the application back in production without any confidence on the reliability under load.

Our application is in production since 10 days, and we don't have any problems thanks to these tests. The behavior of the application in production is the same as the one during the load tests with NeoLoad. I think that without NeoLoad, our application won't be in production at this time. "

Benoît Valentin - New Technologies Engineer - Marseille city

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