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  NeoLoad is part of the Neotys Software load testing product family, designed for load testing and stress testing automation.

NeoLoad allows to answer several crucial questions about client/server and web applications before the application goes live :

  • How the coding may alter the application's behaviour in live environment ?

  • How to detect as soon as possible errors having an influence on global performance and correct them before running through a QA cycle ?
  • How many users my server will be able to handle ?

  • Will my users experience acceptable response times during peak periods ?

  • What is the root cause of errors involved by peak traffic periods ?

  • What is the overhead of security regarding performances ?

  • Where are bottlenecks in my multi-tiers environment ?

NeoLoad allows all its customers to easily answer those questions by automatically recording scenarios reproducing users behaviour.
Those scenarios can be played back multiplying the number of virtual users and combining parameters like various modem speeds, users arrival rate, geographical localization, customization of data...

NeoLoad will provide results and will allow to correlate response times with information like CPU load, DB load,...

It allows a very fine analysis going to loading of every single object of a page.

Among some of the recent experience in Europe, we have been able to detect and identify issues in production environment such as :
- Errors in a login update involving an infinite loop, dramatically impacting performance
- Anticipated opening of 200 DB2 databases, slowing down the transactions
- Design issue in a Multi tiers application supposed to support 1200 users and struggling with 15 users.
- No SSL need of a bank logo on the homepage involving increase of response time.
- ….

NeoLoad allows to archive scenario's results and so insure that any new modification won't affect the application under test.


:: product keys points ::

User Friendly Interface:

No script language ;NeoLoad has a point and click only interface.

In a few minutes, you'll be able to drive your first loadtest within clicks, without any training !

Highly customizable

NeoLoad's interface allows a very easy scenario variabilisation. Among a lot more functionnalities, you can easily extract logins/passwords from a CSV text file in order to run your scenario using various logins. You can also easily switch the server address , which allows to record a scenario under a test or QA environment, and then wsitching to pre-production environment.


The product is very affordable : you can purchase a full Neoload copy for the price of the only maintenance of competition ! This involves a very good quality/price ratio.


HTTP / HTTPS Protocols
No script language
No training needed
High load handled thanks to LoadGenerator use
Realistic Simulations (advanced thinktimes )
Complex applications handling
Real Time Analysis
Customization in order to make dynamic scenarios
History and results comparison
Native XML handling
Available on Windows/Unix/Solaris platforms
Usual export format for results
Windows Servers Monitoring through Perfmon
Analysis and correlation of errors and response times
Very affordable price
Easy deployment


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TAMP Systems nominated for the Hall of Fame of CPM (Contingency Planning and Management)

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