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MiraLink Product Overview

MiraLink products utilize patented IntelliBuffer® powered data mirroring engine technology to provide the benefits of synchronous mirroring with no distance limitations. The result is a family of solutions that mirror an exact copy of your data to to a secondary site of your choice virtually anywhere in the world.

Common Configurations

  • MiraLink is the target of the mirroring feature available in the OS.
  • Use MiraLink as the primary storage and configure the server to share it with all devices on the network.

Industry experts agree that synchronous mirroring is the ideal solution for remote data protection but, prior to MiraLink’s suite of data mirroring solutions, remote mirroring technology was only available to the largest companies. Barriers to deployment have traditionally included the overwhelming costs, distance limitations and primary site performance degradation caused by other products. Customers can now take advantage of a true mirroring technology at an affordable price without the traditional drawbacks by using MiraLink devices.

Quite simply, if you can create storage volumes on your operating system, then you can manage the MiraLink products in your network.

  • The MiraLink appliance to a server using a SCSI cable
  • The device appears as a storage volume to the operating system

  • Data writes from the host machine are mirrored between the local disk(s) and our patent-pending Intellibuffer

MiraLink Product Benefits

  • Maintains data integrity throughout mirroring process
  • Patented IntelliBuffer technology maintains functionality on low bandwidth connections
  • No virtualization agents or software loaded on servers means no software conflicts
  • Unlike replication solutions, MiraLink processes do not modify your data
  • Does not require your data to "acquiesce" or "settle" so your data is always available and useable at the remote site
  • Near immediate restoration of data
  • Compatible with all major operating systems including Windows NT, Windows 2000 Server, Windows 2003 Server, Windows Server Enterprise Edition, Linux, Solaris and all proprietary versions of Unix
  • Real-time mirroring over any TCP/IP network with no distance limitations

MiraLink has a robust product line that provides remote data mirroring solutions for all businesses and industries.

MiraLink 400/500 MiraLink 1000 MiraLink 2000 MiraLink 3000

SME solution

Self contained appliance with up to 600 GB SATA storage capacity

Higher Availability SME solution

Self contained appliance with up to 600 GB SCSI storage capacity

Medium Enterprise Solution

Scalable solution for medium enterprise — connects to SATA array supporting up to 6.4 TB capacity

Enterprise and co-location solution

Highly available solution — connects to SCSI arrays supporting over 10 TB capacity




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janvier 2008 : Transports Chevrier choisit MiraLink
mai 2007 : CETONIA utilise MiraLink pour sécuriser ses serveurs
23 mai 2006 : MIRALINK présente Miralink 400, solution d'entrée de gamme à coût très abordable à partir de 4658 € HT ou 168 € HT/mois.
19 avril 2006 : 2006 année des "Awards" pour les solutions MIRALINK de sécurisation dynamique des SERVEURS.
15 mars 2006 : MIRALINK et EXPERTILOG annoncent un partenariat pour les solutions de sécurisation dynamique des serveurs de données
28 février 2006 : Mondiale Asset Management choisit MIRALINK
6 janvier 2006 : TAMP Systems nommé au Panthéon de CPM (Contingency Planning and Management)

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