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The end of the golden age has forced companies to guide their investments to solutions allowing them to improve productivity at every level , giving priority to everything that can lead to leverage competitiveness regarding their customers, vendors and competition. IT departments had also to face budget limitations, while being obliged to product more, faster, at a lower cost.

EXPERTILOG independency allows us to look for solutions allowing various company and administration departments to raise this challenge.

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Disaster Recovery System




For Top Level Management and security department

The aim is to insure that the company will be able to survive even after a disaster situation occur, should it be natural, terrorist or social.

The DRS solution DRS (Disaster Recovery System) offers a methodology and tools allowing to set up a Recovery Plan. Several hundreds customers have chosen the DRS solution for its very good quality / price ratio.

Basing your security on daily or weekly backups for your vital files, means taking large risks. In the event of local failure or a disaster you will lose a full day or one week of work and data. Furthermore , on average it will take 3 to 5+ days for a return to a normal situation. The correct alternative: Miralink an economic solution of "mirroring" addressing the needs of most companies including the smallest ones .

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TAMP Systems nominated for the Hall of Fame of CPM (Contingency Planning and Management)

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