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Disaster Recovery System




  Disaster Recovery System (D.R.S.)



Bill Pepino, Manager - Bloomberg

"Tamp’s DRS has helped us expedite our disaster plan and reporting. It’s an easy to use robust product at a great price."  http://www.bloomberg.com

Fred Trathen, Business Continuity Planner - CNA Insurance

"We needed a tool to help us establish Business Continuity Plans in several locations in a short period of time.  The quality is good and the service has always been exceptional.  I am a skeptic when it comes to promises from vendors.  I have never regretted purchasing this product."   http://www.cna.com

Andy Lippo, Director of IS - Standex International

"DRS helped us build a Disaster Recovery Plan for all our companies. Great quality for the price."  http://www.standex.com


Bill Winkle, Network Manager - Kansas Credit Union Association

We needed a Business Continuity Planning tool to roll out to all our credit unions.  TAMP's DRS is a great quality, well-designed, and user friendly system." http://www.kcua.org

Randy Imberi, DR Planner - Student Loan Finance Corporation

"DRS is a great product for a reasonable price with exceptional service and support. TAMP has saved us a lot of time and money by organizing our forms and documents and making them readily available. Topnotch with everything you need to get you up and running in a very short time. Disaster Recovery was a big undertaking for us but thanks to TAMP's DRS product we have a very good feeling where we are at and that we are much more prepared in the case of a disaster. Thanks TAMP!"  http://www.slfc.com

Bill Webb, Assistant Secretary - Large Insurance Company

I give this product a 10 out of 10.  We enlisted TAMP's DRS product because we needed a pre-formatted disaster recovery plan.  DRS gave us the right size plan for the right price."  


Allan Geetter, Data Security Administrator - University of Hartford

"We needed to create business continuity plan for all administrative departments on campus. DRS was a cost effective product that fulfilled our immediate needs. DRS has given us a good mechanism to create department/building business continuity plans. I have had excellent response from TAMP when I had questions concerning DRS and its functionality."  http://www.hartford.edu

David Glenn, IT Technician - Lakeland Industries Inc.

"The service and quality of this product is excellent. It has enabled us to develop a disaster plan that encompasses all our needs."  http://www.lakeland.com


John-Charles Quinn, Vice President & CTO - American Trucking Association

"TAMP's DRS products provide a useful template for our efforts in defining our Disaster Recovery /Business Continuity Plan requirements and activities."http://www.trucking.org        

Bruce Labott, President - Labott Consulting, Inc.

"After reviewing documentation and demo version, it was the best product for my practice. It has allowed me to grow my business by offering an exceptional product to my customers and it allows me to provide the services needed using the product. TAMP is very responsive and willing to do whatever is needed to satisfy their customer."  http://www.labott-consult.com


Lloyd Stegemann, Managing Partner - Continuous Solutions, Inc.

"We were looking for a product that would assist in developing disaster recovery plans for our customers. The DRS product allowed us to sell a base product that gives a real value to our customers with a very reasonable cost. The quality of the DRS product is very good and the support services are very good. The people at TAMP very easy to work with and very knowledgeable of the product."   http://www.continuoussolutions.com  

Scott Neils, Compliance Officer - Bank of Whitman

"We needed a sound well prepared disaster recovery plan. With DRS we were able to present to our regulators a viable disaster recovery plan."  http://www.bankofwhitman.com


Dick Barnes, Disaster Recovery & Data Security Officer - Youngstown State University

"The TAMP products are well documented and provide a variety of checklists that assist with the capturing of important documentation. The DRS product and the purchase price both were attractive for our purposes."  http://www.ysu.edu



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TAMP Systems nominated for the Hall of Fame of CPM (Contingency Planning and Management)

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