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Disaster Recovery System




  Disaster Recovery System (D.R.S.)


Tragic event of 9/11 , Toulouse accident, floods , terrorist threat are warning signals addressing to political and business managers.

Facing a disaster raise the need to set up solutions to insure activity continuity for companies and organizations.


TAMP solutions allow a quick set up of planning, critical resources inventory, responsabilities affectation and restart procedures operations.

DRS ( Disaster Recovery Systems) stands in single workstation or multiusers version. An Internet version allows to store and manage the whole critical informations on highly secured and available 24/7 servers that are available from anywhere around the world.

 DRS-i Internet/Intranet

  • HOST mode / ASP : provides a secured access , 128 bits encrypted, via a web browser , to the DRS application . No installation required , you can staart now !
  • Web/Intranet mode: DRS can also be deployed onto an intranet server. . You control DRS in your own network environment.

DRS-CS Client/Server

  • DRS can be installed on your workstation desktop, with network data access. You have full DRS control within your architecture.


To learn more about DRS, visit TAMP DRS website


Last Press Releases :


TAMP Systems nominated for the Hall of Fame of CPM (Contingency Planning and Management)

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